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Fibre Internet

Commercial or Residential including services from most providers including – NBN, Opticomm, OpeNetworks, Telstra and AAPT/TPG.

Fast Internet

Fast DSL or Metro Ethernet Links can be provided to most premises. Call us for a free analysis of what you can get in your area

KloudPhone VoIP Services

Need a home line, 10 lines for a small business, or hundreds of extensions with enterprise features, we have you covered!

Fast Internet & Save Money on Phone Systems Costs

Get the best of both worlds. Get a fast internet connection and offset the cost with savings on you phone system.

Some of the Advantages Include

Multiple Site Internet Support

Do you have multiple sites, perhaps sites in different states? Link your offices with free traffic between them. Have a single link to the internet for all sites.

Hosted Phone Systems

Don’t pay tens of thousands for a new phone system for your office. Let us manage this for you. Our KloudPhone system has all the benefits of onsite at a fraction of the cost

Domain and Website Hosting

We started as Networking Engineering Business. We understand Domain Hosting. Don’t let just anyone play with your MX, A, WWW or CNAME records. Trust experts to ensure you website and Mail are always working.

Awesome Customer Support

We do not queue on an overseas call centre. You have problems you get to speak directly to one of our engineers, We will work hard to resolve your issue and keep you informed the whole time.


Unlike the Big Boys, we will listen to you and tailor a solution to suit your exact requirements. We will aggregate many vendors to get you the solution you require.

Azure / AWS

Do you want to move your servers to Azure or AWS. Let our experienced consulting team help you.

Want to Know how you Can Save

Have a question? Just ask! Leave us a comment with your question and we’ll answer just as soon as we can.

About Us

ManageMy originated out of a 25 year old Information Technology Business. We were given an opportunity to provide VoIP to a number of large retirement Villages and ManageMy/KloudPhone was born.

Need Support?

Resilient communications backed by experienced professionals and a service level agreement that delivers the guarantees you require.

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