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Aged Care Technology Solutions in Sydney, NSW

ManageMy Group is an Integrator and Service Provider experienced in supplying, integrating and supporting aged care technology solutions, processes, equipment and software applications?


ManageMy Group provides a ‘One Stop’ partner for supply of services and equipment in the Seniors Living, Retirement Villages, Aged Care and Independent Living Units. ManageMy Group works with the developers, owners, operators and builders to install, operate, manage and maintain the supplied services and equipment, all with an aim to empower developers, owners and operators to more effectively achieve their business goals.

ManageMy Group does this by ensuring quality and reliability of services and ensuring that solutions supplied are ‘future proofed’ to meet the growing needs for additional services, features and applications in the future

What differentiates ManageMy Group from other Equipment and Service Providers is the holistic approach we take to your needs. We offer a complete range of ALL the services, allowing you to ‘cherry pick’ the services required initially and allowing for future services over the same existing infrastructure. As a supplier, installer, operator and support for all the equipment and services, we are the ONE CONTACT POINT in the event of an issue or need for understanding of service functionality. Our aim is customer satisfaction with a single contact point for queries or complaints.

ManageMy Group supplies the hardware and software, installs the equipment, monitors the operations and manages the following services – we are your Total Service Provider (TSP)

Our experience in Aged Care Technology Solutions includes providing the following solutions over a fibre backbone for Organisations, Developers and Operators of Retirement Villages and Aged Care Facilities:


  • Internet solutions throughout the village.
  • Voice Solutions using our own hosted pbx softswitch.
  • Wireless Solutions in areas within the villages.
  • Gate access and intercom systems within the village.
  • Aged care equipment including ‘Nurse Call’ friendly phones.
  • Safety Equipment including smoke detectors wired into the fibre backbone.
  • Supply and install of video surveilance equipment for monitoring within the village.
  • Supply and install of cetralised television and foxtel equipment. (No more antennas required on all roofs)
  • Email Systems for residents within the villages.
  • Proactive 24×7 Network Monitoring and alerts for critical issues.
  • Installation and programming of pulse meters to measure electricity, water and gas.
  • Centralised billing services of both phone, internet, electricy, water and gas on brhalf of the village.


Along with our partners below we are your Aged Care Technology Solutions support specialists


  • Hills Industries
  • Opticomm
  • NBN
  • Smart Caller
  • Telstra Wholesale
  • AAPT
  • Switch Automation


We can


  • Providing consulting services in the early stages of your project planning.
  • Supply full System Integration for services, features and applications.
  • Project Manage your solution from start to finish.
  • Assessing your Aged care technology solution and making recommendations on improvements.


Feel Free to leverage our expertise and reap the benefits of our Aged Care Technology Solutions.

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