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ManageMy Group are active in the Building and Commercial space.




The use of modern intelligent building technology to integrate the control of the various  electrical functions within a building such as heating, lighting, HVAC, solar shading,  is a decisive factor in:

  • maximising energy efficiency

  • optimising building management

  • ensuring maximum comfort and safety

We specialise in systems integration, coordinating the control of all your building functions through the use of open standard technologies.

By selecting only the best-in-class products we are able to meet the most demanding specifications of every project we undertake.


Why the Building Evolution


Building Evolution delivers high quality, award winning solutions for wherever intelligent control and monitoring systems are required – throughout the home or work environment. From single rooms to large scale refits.

We offer clients a complete service from start to finish. We design, supply, commission and maintain the systems we install. To make life straightforward for you.

Above all, our aim is to provide clients with energy efficiency, flexibility, comfort, convenience, safety, style and long term cost effectiveness.

We can integrate anything from straightforward lighting control right through to complete systems integration designed to operate every function within the building. This may encompass smart metering, energy management and remote control and monitoring of facilities.

We work with specialists in the design of systems based on open standard for home and building control, which allows us to select products from leading Australian equipment manufacturers.

We also provide integration with control protocols as well as wireless solutions, to provide complete intelligent building solutions.

We can also supply a range of stand alone lighting control products with easy configuration for Electrical Contractors.

Our range of services and solutions is diverse and far reaching.

Whatever your requirements, we look forward to both meeting and exceeding your expectations.


The ManageMy Group Process



At the start of every project our aim is to collect sufficient information  to prepare an estimate of costs for our services. If you don’t already have the necessary information to hand as we can  help you  put this  together.


Detail Project Specification and Full Quotation

Once you are happy with our estimate, we will draw up  a detailed project specification and full quotation.


Project Design

On acceptance of our quotation,  we will produce drawings and other information relating to the installation of cabling and equipment. We will also carry out any programming work required for your system.


Supply of equipment and installation

Installation of cabling and most equipment will either be carried out by your own electrical contractor or by one provided through us. Certain equipment like touch panels, and rack equipment for AV installation would be installed by Building Evolution.



Commissioning consists of downloading the final application programmes to the installed equipment and carrying out a full test of all the functions  and operations  to ensure  they  meet the project specification.



The handover stage requires either the client or  designated representative, e.g. electrician, to witness all operational and functional checks on the system to ensure the work has been completed satisfactorily.


Support and Maintenance

Once commissioned and handed over, it is unlikely that you will encounter any problems with your system,  however, maintenance and support can be provided, if required. It is also worth emphasising that we have the  ability to carry out checks and any reprogramming of your system remotely over the internet from our offices.


If you have a project you would like to discuss, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

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