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Under ConstructionThe last decade has brought many changes in the construction industry and especially the building communications and networks integration with new technology and the hunger for bandwidth playing an enormous role in transforming the way we do things.


Fibre Optics has overtaken copper as the dominant medium for high bandwidth connectivity systems. ManageMy supports solutions for FTTH. We offer all the IP communications, internet access, gate access, IP security and more, all over the Fibre infrastructure


The IT/IP infrastructure represents a key boundary between a communications medium and the applications that are built upon this medium. It is a very special boundary since it allows two very different solutions to operate on their own terms. Traditionally, applications that required connectivity, such as the telephone and IP Services systems, required an infrastructure built for that purpose. In order to provide telephone service, you first had to make major investments in physical plant and in special hardware at the end points (telephones). In order to create the internet industry, we had to standardize every aspect of how data networks worked and how they exchanged data and protocols. IP eliminates the interdependencies by separating expensive communications infrastructure from the applications that are built on it. The IP infrastructure allows innovation in new applications that can simply assume ready availability of very inexpensive connectivity.
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