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In an increasingly regulated industry, our aim is to assist health & aged care industry to achieve a competitive advantage in meeting the expectations of the market in quality of product, service and infrastructure at a competitive price.

Seniors living and aged care development are capital intensive and it is essential that the design attempts to future proof the operations so that the service will remain desirable and marketable for many decades.


The ManageMy Group of Companies incorporated to meet market demand for a total integrated consulting solution by bringing together experts in a range of disciplines with proven experience. We understand that clearly-defined business strategies lead to intelligent planning decisions.

Targeting your needs

The ManageMy Group of Companies has contributed their experience to aged care retirement and healthcare sites contributing to the sustainability of these businesses. Our capacity is to integrate innovative solutions within broader business goals allows us to achieve financial targets marrying design with ongoing operational efficiencies.

We achieve these innovative solutions by:

  1. working with the clients management team to define the objectives and vision,
  2. applying a disciplined and proactive approach in planning and project management,
  3. combining best practice principles and extensive industry experience to the project in a hands practical process,
  4. developing and implementing result-focused concepts in design and operational solutions that target the client’s competitive position in the industry,
  5. adopting a holistic and integrated approach that delivers results on time and on budget,
  6. offering pre and post project operational support,
  7. ensuring budgets and project time frames are achieved.

Staying at Home – Ageing at Home

For older people who want to stay at home rather than go into an aged care facility?
Growing older in Australia comes with many choices. Choices about where you live, whether in Broome or on Bribie Island, and how you live, whether you are tech savvy or not, golfing or grandparenting. Many things affect your choices, but often your health plays a major role in your lifestyle as you get older.
For many people, living in the comfort of their own home is an important part of growing older, but for some older people this may become difficult without additional assistance. This is where ManageMy ‘home technology’ comes into the picture – providing technology assistance, such as communications, internet, security and nurse call and emergency call help all over the one ManageMy network and monitoring centre.

Independent living units

People who need less care than that offered by aged care homes may wish to consider independent living units, or retirement villages. These residential communities offer a range of services for independent older people, and are regulated by state and territory governments.

Ageing in place

It is possible in some aged care homes for you to receive care at low-level or high-level  in the same place of residence. This means you don’t need to move as a result of changing care needs. It is called ‘ageing in place’.
An ageing in place policy is particularly beneficial for couples planning for a move from the family home as it may enable them to remain together even if their care needs significantly change over time. It also means people can maintain the relationships they have developed with staff and residents. The staff will be qualified and trained to support older people needing varying styles of care, including nursing, if needed. The ageing in place homes are designed to cater for people with a variety of care needs.

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