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IP Security & CCTV

ManageMy Group has a complete range of integrated IP/Network CCTV and IP Camera Solutions for all security applications.


A choice of fixed focus and pan, tilt, zoom IP cameras are available to suit all applications.
With each camera having its own IP address and an Ethernet connection, they connect directly to any Ethernet network. Where the cameras cannot be integrated within an existing WAN/LAN, a range of connectivity options are available, including high speed 3G and GSM modems/routers for more remote locations, modems/routers areas with no network coverage. With these IP cameras you are guaranteed higher vigilance with greater ease.
If mains power is available, the system may be powered conventionally, or they can be integrated within an existing WAN or LAN, by PoE (Power over Ethernet). For applications where access to power is difficult, long-life battery packs and solar panels may be used.

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Partnering with NortecWorking with ManageMy Group will deliver key benefits to your operation including
  • One 'address' to come to if you have problems
  • A full range of Managed Services
  • Proactive Support
  • IP Communications and associated features
  • Outsourced Help desk
  • Complete Solutions such as:
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