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ManageMy Group has a phone system solution to meet your immediate, as well as future business growth requirements

Our Phone System Solutions in Castle Hill and the Greater Sydney area are the answer to your communications upgrade needs

Net IP Phone

Fibre IP Phones

PABX solutions to meet the size of the business

Virtual & Hosted PABX solutions


Achieve Maximum Accessibility with our Voice Over IP Phone Solutions

One of our clients’ favorite features of our Voice Over IP Phone Solutions is the ability to record phone calls and conferences, then email them to individuals that could not attend. There are Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet apps we can install which allow you to place and receive calls directly from your Internet-connected WiFi or Cellular device, anywhere in the world – imagine the ability to make or receive calls on your mobile device as if it was your office extension!

We have our own Softswitch and Hosted PABX solutions in our data centre at Global Switch in Sydney. You no longer require expensive equipment installed in your office. Simply purchase or rent the number of hand sets you require and you are up and going

VoIP Benefits include

  • Cost savings up to 60%.
  • Keep your current phone provider.
  • Local and National untimed calls.
  • Business Grade VOIP and ADSL.
  • Cheap Mobile and International Calls.
  • Free Calls between Offices.
  • Rates charged at 1 second increments.
  • Simplified Billing.
  • Return on investment within 3-6 months.

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