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Business CollectionManageMy Group offers a range of Services to Business & Enterprise, Health and Aged Care and the Constructions Industry – all designed to meet you present and future needs


Ageing at Home & Other Health Care Service

ManageMy Group provides a ‘One Stop’ partner for supply of services and equipment in line with the Governments Áging at Home’ Program, Seniors Living, Retirement Villages, Aged Care and Independent Living Units. ManageMy Group works with the developers, owners, operators and builders to install, operate, manage and maintain the supplied services and equipment, all with an aim to empower developers, owners and operators to more effectively achieve their business goals.


Professional Services

ManageMy Group can help get your focus back on your core business. With ManageMy Groups Professional Services, you get access to the team of technical experts that builds and maintains our own award-winning network monitoring to help maximize efficiencies. Our business-centric approach is designed to provide the network implementation you need, either through stand-alone managed services, network management, or as part of a complete solution, regardless of your network’s complexity or size, allowing you to focus on core business.

Consulting and Implementation Services

Network Monitoring and Management Services

Field Services


Systems Integration

As a Systems Integrator, we recognise that being all things to all people is not possible so we’ve built strong, strategic partnerships with other expert organisations.

Our aim as a Systems Integrator is to make the complex world of technology simple for our clients.


Our mission is:


  • to be the partner of choice for delivering networked services via our direct and indirect channels.
  • to address the requirements of our customers and verticals through direct collaboration.
  • to be the top for partner experience.
  • to drive sustainable, profitable growth by delivering end user value through partnering.
  • to build a passionate and high-performing partnering capability across the community.

Now we’re ready to share our business-building expertise with you – contact us about your  needs.