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Support and Managment Services


Our Support, Monitoring and Management Services provide proactive IT/IP management and support, leaving you to focus on the everyday demands of your business. – You have One Entity for the Supply, Installation and Operation of ALL Services




ManageMy Group service level agreements utilize our unique framework for providing managed services. We provide a range of services designed to optimize your investment requirements and maximize the appeal of your business and offering.


ManageMy Group take a proactive preventative approach to your requirements, operations and management. ManageMy Group partners with developers and operators to build and manage solutions to meet the required ‘Mode of Operation’.


Using our advanced processes and methodologies, we ensure tasks are completed and recorded consistently and without fail. We monitor our equipment & network operations, meaning we detect problems before they occur.


Our values include:


  • Deriving our success through the successes of our customers in using our services
  • Delivering on our promises
  • Offering value for money
  • Ethical trading and practice

Providing the best possible advice and service to our customers


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