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[team_member name=”David Norris” title=”Director” photo=””  phone=”0298949514″ twitter=”NortecIT”] David Norris is a Director of ManageMy Group, a  Castle Hill and the Greater Sydney area IT organization that  delivers proactive maintenance services through flat-rate IT Support. David has been working in the IT Industry for over 25 years. Starting his career as a programmer in mainframes with Westpac Bank, then moving onto IBM, finishing up as a technical team leader in charge of a large team and a multi-million dollar project. David opened Nortec in the early 90’s. David built the largest computer store in the Hills area of Sydney, and became Compaq’s first franchise Compaq Connect store. Nortec has been nominated and won many awards through the years. David has always had a hands on approach both to management and engineering. He holds a Bachelor of Business and a multitude of certifications collected over the years.

In his spare time he is trying to regain his youth by playing seniors soccer on the weekend.

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.[/team_member] [team_member name=”Bill Marlow” title=”Director” photo=””  phone=”0298949514″]

Bill Marlow is a Director of ManageMy Group, a Castle Hill and the Greater Sydney area  organization that  delivers a range of services for industries ranging from the Construction and Building industry through to Retirement Villages and Aged Care Facilities, through ManageMy Groups fully Australian owned IP Networks. Bill has over 30 years’ experience in applications and telecommunications including remote microwave and wireless communication applications as well as IP enabled communications solutions. He has worked in marketing, sales and contract negotiations for some of the leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers. Bill was General Manager of the first IP/IT company to develop commercial VoIP solutions for many Tier 1 Telcos around the world and has owned and operated his own networks. Bill has a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Cranfield University in the UK, and a MBA from Ben Gurion of the Negev University in Beer-Sheva, Israel.

[/team_member] [team_member name=”Nathan Downes” title=”Senior Engineer – Comms” photo=”” phone=”0298949514″ twitter=”KloudPhone”]

Nathan Downes is the Senior Engineer of the Communications Division of ManageMy Group, a Castle Hill and the Greater Sydney area IT Company and the Director of KloudPhone.

Nathan brings a wealth of experience in the information technology and services industry. He is the company’s Senior Network Engineer and head of R&D for new products. Nathan worked with multi-focused companies where he quickly developed into a seasoned network engineer specializing in IP/IT technologies and large networks. Nathan worked as a consultant on various other networking projects for some of the leading data and communications companies in Australia. In addition to his extensive experience in the IT industry, Nathan specializes in SIP based applications and product integration projects.

[/team_member] [team_member name=”Tony King” title=”Professional Services Manager” photo=””  phone=”0298949514″]

Tony King is the Professional Services Manager of ManageMy Group, a Castle Hill and the Greater Sydney area IT Company.  After 15 years in the Medical Physics industry, Tony progressed to the main stream IT industry 15 years ago. Working his way through the ranks, from junior engineer, senior project engineer, and Professional Services Manager, Tony has developed extensive skills in all aspects of IT; sales, consulting, technical implementation, and also project management. He is qualified as a Master of Medical Physics, and certified in Microsoft, Sonicwall, and VMware products.

[/team_member] [team_member name=”Tim Walls” title=”Technical Services Manager” photo=””  phone=”0298949514″]

Tim Walls is the Technical Services Manager of ManageMy Group, a Castle Hill and the Greater Sydney area IT Company.  Tim Walls has enjoyed working with us and our partners for over 10 years. His role has changed throughout the years from Service Repair Technician through to Senior Network Engineer landing him in the position of Technical Services Manager. Tim’s expertise is backed by many certifications but most of his knowledge and skills have come from experience in the IT industry. One quality of high importance to Tim is his communication and honesty with his clients and co-workers.. He is a certified in both Microsoft and VMWare technologies.

[/team_member] [team_member name=”Jon Siney” title=”Account Manager” photo=””  phone=”0298949514″]

Jon Siney is the Account Manager of ManageMy Group, a Castle Hill and the Greater Sydney area IT Company.  Jonathan (Jon) is the Account Sales and Relationship Manager. He has over 15 years of account management experience gained through the hospitality and FMCG industries. His previous employers have included the likes of Coopers Brewery, Unilever, Suntory and Drinkworks, where he worked through various roles such as Key Account Manager, New Business Development and State Sales Manager. He has qualifications in Business Management and is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to our clients.

Like David, Jon also is reliving his youth by playing seniors soccer on the weekend.